Texas Steel Shootout


The Texas Steel ShootoutTM shall adhere to the latest industry standard safety rules.

The rules are simple, shoot as much steel as you can in 18 seconds. Each piece of steel that falls is worth 1 point.

Any shot fired after 0.30 seconds after the fixed time will incur a -1 point penalty penalty regardless if the last shot was a hit or miss.

Any shots fired outside of fault lines or from the wrong shooting position will not count and will incur a -1 point procedural penalty per shot.

Texas Steel Shoot-out
Texas Steel Shootout Shooters will be split into classes; GM, M, A, B, C, D, U, and shall use their USPSA or IDPA classification for the division they are shooting. If they are classified in both, the higher classification shall be used.

IDPA Classifications
M = IDPA Distinguished Master
A = IDPA Master
B = IDPA Expert
C = IDPA Sharpshooter
D = IDPA Marksman
D = IDPA Novice

Unclassified shooters are also welcome and encouraged to the shoot the match.

Texas Steel Shootout Rule Book