Texas Steel Shootout

Texas Steel ShootoutTM

The second annual Texas Steel ShootoutTM will be hosted by the Triple C Tactical Training Range in Cresson, Texas on Saturday, December 6, 2014.

This will be a one day match with a round count of around 300 rounds, and there will be a catered food, ice cold beer, and live band after the match.

The Texas Steel ShootoutTM will be held in a different city each year and is a non-profit match run by shooters for shooters.

The low match fee covers everything including the food, beer and entertainment.

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Texas Steel Shoot-out
Texas Steel Shootout

How many plates can you shoot in 18 seconds?

This will be an all steel match with up to 40 pieces of steel per stage, and every stage will have a fixed time of 18 seconds.

Our safety and operating rules will be quite familiar to those who shoot USPSA or IDPA matches.

Whether you want to shoot for fun or want to see how fast you are compared to some of the best shooters in Texas, this match will be a blast to shoot with a great party to end a great day of shooting!

Come out and join us for the last major match in Texas of 2014.